Timeshare Capital


Timeshare continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the worldwide travel and tourism industry. It has evolved over the past few decades. Large hospitality companies have entered and now dominate the sector. Single site projects have given way to multi resort clubs. In response to owner demand, these multi resort clubs continually need new locations which provide expansion opportunities. Consolidation and liquidity constraints have caused timeshare developers (independents and hospitality companies alike) to rethink their capital structures; many have adopted a more capital efficient approach when adding new projects.

Provide Capital to Acquire, Develop and Construct New Projects

Recreational Capital was established to help timeshare developers and hospitality companies acquire, develop and construct new projects to add to their vacation clubs worldwide. Recreational Capital provides some or all of the capital to acquire, develop, and construct new projects.

Partnering with Experienced Property Developers

We will partner with experienced property developers who may or may not have experience in the timeshare sector.

Unparalleled Experience in the Timeshare Sector

Our management team has unparalleled experience in the timeshare sector and understands the critical components necessary for a successful project, including the desirability of the property itself, attendant risks of acquiring and/or constructing the project, the marketing and sales channels, and the financing structure.

A Principal, Investing its Own Capital

Recreational Capital is a principal, investing its own capital, and is not an intermediary raising funds from third parties.

A Great Network

In addition to our equity capital, our industry experience also allows us to work closely with the lenders who will provide the acquisition, development, and construction loans, as well as receivables financing necessary to execute on these projects.

If you are a timeshare developer, hospitality company, or a property owner who believes your project may be suitable for timeshare, please contact us right away.